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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Introducing: The Holy Donut Revival Hour!

Friends! I am happy to formally announce here that my bestie SJ and I have teamed up to bring you The Holy Donut Revival Hour- All of the nonsense you never knew you needed with zero Nazis, guaranteed!

The plan is to have a monthly show on YouTube for a full hour, with smaller videos uploaded in-between. We are not focusing primarily on interviews, but we plan to have guests here and there with a lot of other fun goodies besides. We already have a killer theme song, courtesy of our good friend the Most Reverend StarDoG:

Believe in the Donut Power! Hit the subscribe button on that channel to ensure that you'll catch our future episodes. We also have a full episode already, which is perhaps too spicy for the main feed, on our Patreon. If you so wish, you can support us there and be rewarded with bonus content, Tarot readings, and othersuch niceties!

I think I am safe in speaking for SJ as well, when I say that we are honored and grateful to have met so many kindly weirdos on the internet- and by teaming up in the form of a monthly webshow, we intend to bring you all of the most highly strange, fun and interesting, absurd and spooky stories and ideas we have time for... and a lot more besides!

I am very much looking forward to this venture, and I hope you will join us for the fun.

Hail Eris, and may the Blessings of the Donut be with you always.

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