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 Articles Published in Paranormality Magazine:

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The December 2022 issue contains my article "Doomsday Predictions Aren't Rocket Science", about the weird connections between a local site owned by a reclusive reverend, rocketry, religious belief, and magick!

The January 2023 issue includes my article "The Curse of the Mandela Effect" - correlating the new phenomena with old ideas about how reality works, with curses and prophecies thrown in for good measure!

The February 2023 issue includes my Weird Valentine's Day article, Star-cross'd Lovers, which covers amorous aliens and sensual spirits!

The March 2023 issue includes my article Exorcism Extravaganza, covering a werewolf exorcism, the banishing of a curse at Fenway Park, and Loch Ness, the Bermuda Triangle- even a circus exorcism!

    Online Articles:

The Southern England Broadcast Intrusion of 1977

A Very Contactee Christmas

A King's Ransom of Weirdness for Elvis's Birthday

Friday the 13th: Luck and Superstition

    In Alternate Perceptions Magazine:

Dissecting the Grasshopper Abduction of 1974 - Wherein you can find mystery helicopters, weathervane bandits, and the weird recurring symbols around the story of a notorious Boston theft!

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