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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Presenting: Strange Words for a Weird World!


For those who enjoy my writing here on the blog, please consider checking out this little eBook I put together on gumroad. Publishing my writing here and talking about weird stuff on podcasts has been very rewarding and enriched my life in so many ways- I perpetually feel gratitude for all of those who care to read or listen. I rarely ever make money off of these endeavors, it's largely a labor of love. What you read here will always be free, and I have difficulty ever asking to be paid for things. This book is no different- if you wish to, you can get a copy for zero dollars. If, however, you'd like to show your appreciation for my work in general, you may pay any price you like. 

The book itself contains mostly stuff you wouldn't have read elsewhere. It's 20 pages of poetry, art, an expanded article that was previously published, and a bit of satire. I anticipate making more of these in the future, now that I've done it once and understand the process a little. 

Once again, a humble thank you to everyone who visits this site and entertains my foolishness once in a while. I wish you all good health, tasty doughnuts, and a ton of wonderful weirdness!

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